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Meet the Herd: Dolce

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How did Dolce come to be a part of Let’s Ride?

About five years ago my horse, Lippo, passed away and the women at the ranch got together and said they knew of a horse that wasn’t being ridden. They talked the owner into donating the horse to our riding program, and we went to Burbank with a trailer to check him out. He had been cooped up in a small stall for so long that it took four people to get him into the trailer. He was so scared. We brought him back to Rancho Tujunga and started training him. We had no information on him – age or breed. Originally the vet told us he was 30, and since then we’ve been told he’s actually 25. I’m pretty happy to hear that we get to spend more time with him.

What are some of Dolce’s personality traits?

He’s quite a character. He doesn’t want to move, although he’s very capable. He’s the first horse we put people on to learn how to ride because he’s very gentle, and he behaves well. He’s very calm and careful with our riders that have disabilities. He tests the seasoned riders more. He always makes us laugh when he does that.


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