Meet Program Founder Ann Marriner

September 10, 2013

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Program co-founder Ann Marriner has 16 years experience in adults and children with emotional, behavioral and mental disabilities.

When she first entered the social services area, Ann began working with a foster family agency where she worked with families doing intake, assessments, and interviews, preparing and matching families to children that are best suited for one another, and provide resources of available services.  While there, her focus shifted to working with people with a variety of developmental disabilities including dual diagnosed, Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, head injuries, visually impaired and deafness.

Ten years ago, she worked with the Willie Ross Foundation to therapeutic riding day program for their 48 participants.  It was then that she became a PATH Int. Instructor. With Let’s Ride,  she teaches horseback riding, basic animal care, tack care, environmental safety awareness, leadership, and organization.  With horseback riding, her focus is on developing individual needs, which could include balance, strength, coordination, cooperation, communication, patience, the reduction of inappropriate behaviors and many other things that come naturally while riding a horse.  This happens all in a beautiful setting with the assistance of our six horses and our dedicated volunteers.

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