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Everyone Meet Colton!

December 26, 2016

It’s been a few years since we’ve had a new horse in our barn. A few months ago,  one of our long-time supporters let us know she’d acquired a few new horses that may be perfect for our program once we were ready to expand.

In October, we had our choice of two great horses and decided to go with a larger, more seasoned one. We have needed a larger horse for awhile and now we have one!  We would love for all of you to meet Colton.

Colton is a 15-year-old quarter paint with an extensive background. Found by one of our members two years ago on a small farm in Northern California, she decided to take Colton last year and see what he could become. She told us that she had “just had a feeling” about this horse. What we know about Colton is that he is an extremely well trained and well-bred horse. Colton was abandoned at the age of five and left to starve. A family rescued him and another mare and he became their daughter’s horse. Sadly, the girl went off to college and Colton went to pasture where he spent several years just grazing.


In June 2015, Colton’s owners informed the barn he was at that they would no longer be paying his board and they abandoned him. The facility kept him on until they could find the right home. Our supporter found out about the situation in early 2016 and shipped him to her facility in Washington.

She spent some time getting to know him and found that he learned quickly, was extremely responsive and eager to please. She and her trainer working with him guessed that along the way, the horse had been handled pretty roughly and had a natural defense mechanism to try and protect himself. They started by working on correcting his bad behaviors. Once those were worked through and Colton realized his riders would not put him in dangerous situations, they began dressage training.

Within two months, Colton was successfully doing training level routines, moving forward and steadily staying on the bit. Because of his versatility, our supporter determined that he’d be a good candidate for us. While Colton liked dressage, he only wanted to be ridden by her or to hang out with younger children and do walk/trot work. When we were ready, she sent him down. He’s been in the program for about six weeks and will be introduced for lessons starting in February. Stay tuned to his progress!



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