Blake Needs A Sponsor

August 20, 2018
Horse Therapy Program Los Angeles

This year has been pretty amazing. From new volunteers to our new clients, from a new horse and some great PR, our program has been experiencing some much-needed growth. In the area of our clients, we like you to meet Blake. Blake is a 34-year-old man who found us. 

Blake used to ride when he was very little. This summer,  he attended our camp and his mom realized how much he still loved horses.

She thought it was going to be a couple months before we put him on a horse, but on his first day he was up and had a huge smile from the time he got on to the time we got him off.  We did a lot of stretching exercises with him because his muscles were really tight.  His mom was in tears, she was so thrilled with what we did with him. Blake’s family is one of those who needs a sponsor.  She can only afford to bring him once or twice a month.

So we’d like to find a sponsor for him to come out weekly. We’d like to encourage all of our supporters to donate a little for Blake each month, just hit our PayPal donation button, donate what you can, and it will go to Blake’s lessons!

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