About Us

Let’s Ride Therapeutic Equestrian Program is a Los Angeles area equine and equestrian program for adults and children with disabilities. Located in the Sunland/Tujunga area, we help those with emotional issues and developmental disabilities to develop positive behaviors through the use of horses.

Therapeutic riding offers program participants the opportunity to improve attention span, concentration, memory, and language skills development. Horses are an effective therapy tool because the horse’s movement simulates a normal human gait. A horse’s rhythmic movement helps the rider improve balance, muscle control and tone, motor development and coordination, balance, posture, strength and overall body awareness.

Ann Marriner – Program Founder

Ann has 20 years of experience working with people with developmental disabilities, dual diagnoses (physically, mentally challenged,  Autism, Down’s Syndrome and other behavioral disorder) and deafness. In those 20 years, she’s also spent the last seventeen years teaching less disabled children and adults horseback riding and stable management. Ann originally started managing the equine therapy program as part of The Willie Ross Foundation. In 2010, the Willie Ross Program changed its direction and Ann started Let’s Ride Therapy from the horses and clients that were part of that foundation’s original equine program. Currently, she’s working towards being PATH International Certified and is finishing an associates degree in equine science at Pierce College.

Patti Bauman – Program Instructor

Patti holds a B.A. in Psychology and an E3A Facilitation certificate. She’s been working for 29 years with people with developmental disabilities; she’s also spent the last sixteen years working for North Los Angeles County Regional Center managing coordination services for people with developmental disabilities. Patti also has seventeen years of teaching horseback riding lessons for children and adults. She’s currently working towards being PATH International certified therapeutic instruction and finishing an associates degree in equine science at Pierce College.