Let’s Ride kindly accepts most donations, this includes monetary, horse, and horse equipment donations. All donations are tax-deductible and donors are provided receipts for their financial records. There are several ways to donate to our program:

Sponsor A Horse

All of our horses are available for sponsorship starting at as little as $25 per month! All monies donated via this program goes directly to the costs of the horse being sponsored for their feed, bedding, medical and farrier costs. View our list of horses to sponsor.

Sponsor A Horse

Sponsor A Program Member

By simply clicking the PayPal button on this page or on the right sidebar, you can make a one-time or monthly, reoccurring donation to LRTEP.

Donate Lessons & Services

Donate Goods

We accept donated goods as well. Here’s a list of what we are able to accept:

  • Supplements: Our horses currently are in supplement programs from SmartPak Equine.  The company provides them in customized doses for each individual horse. Gift certificates to SmartPak Equine are the best way to donate supplements.
  • Used Tack and Equipment: If you have gently used tack or equipment in your barn that is still able to be used, we’ll happily accept it. If you’re within a 15-mile radius of Shadow Hills or Sunland, we can pick it up. If not, you can also mail donations to the program office.
  • Feed: Our horses currently get alfalfa/oat pellets, Purina Equine Senior, stabilized rice bran and Horse Chow 100.
  • Bedding: For bedding, we use pine shavings and rice hulls; we don’t use cedar bedding due to allergies.

The best way to donate feed is to contact East Valley Feed and say you’d like to send feed and/or bedding to Let’s Ride Equestrian Therapy Program for Ann Marriner and they’ll deliver it to Rancho Tujunga on behalf of our program.

Donating A Horse

  • Horses: Please send an email to if you wish to donate a horse. Please include the horse’s age, the reason you want to donate him, any and all medical issues, information on the horse’s level of training and temperament and copies of any vet records. We assess horses on a case-by-case basis and usually require owners donate $500-$2500 per horse depending on the condition of the horse.