Lessons & Programs

Let’s Ride also offers horseback riding lessons, natural horsemanship and natural horse training for horse lovers and horse owners. Our lesson and training services help offset the cost of operation for our non-profit programs. We offer a variety of services for horses boarded at Rancho Tujunga.

Therapy Sessions



$75 for 60 Minutes

4 lessons for $290



$65 for 60 Minutes

4 lessons for $250

*Payments in advance are required and we do have a strict cancellation/reschedule policy of 24 hours in advance.


Sliding Scale:  

Donation Based

Other Services

Let’s Ride Equine-Assisted Facilitation Programs For Businesses

We now offer one-day seminars designed to help a company solve team challenges within their business. The type of business and the department don’t matter, no matter what you or your team does, we can help you learn to work together through modern communication techniques specifically designed for any situational business dynamic.

With the assistance of horses and the principles of horse herd behavior, your team will participate in a series of exercises, designed by our licensed facilitators, that help them discover their strengths and weaknesses as a group. By the end of the day, your team will learn how to become stronger communicators, leaders will learn how to lead their teams better, thus allowing your unit to deliver better results for the company simply by developing better communication practices.

See our Adult Programs page for more details

Natural Horsemanship Training

90-Day Natural Horsemanship Training: We’ve developed a unique approach to natural horsemanship, leveraging the foundational principles found in this form of horse training, along with the methods used to make horses safe for a program participant. We work with all types of horses, from green horses to seasoned horses, we’ll help you develop communication techniques that keep your horse in tune with you. We customize a program based on the horse’s and owner’s challenges to help make a perfectly paired rider and mount.

This program is available for people who board horses at our facility in Tujunga. Please contact us for pricing.